A Tradition of Quality Since 1837

Vitakraft Sunseed proudly traces its roots back through five generations of family ownership to 1837, when the “Vitakraft” part of the company was founded in Germany with a commitment to produce the highest quality foods, treats and supplies for animals. Over the years, Vitakraft became known for its quality and innovation, pioneering an idea that was very advanced at the time: all companion animals should be fed a diet that is scientifically formulated for their specific nutritional needs.  Vitakraft was among the first to conduct scientific research on animal nutrition so it could develop products that would enhance the health and well-being of individual species of birds, small animals and other pets.

Now, nearly 175 years later, Vitakraft has joined forces with another quality-driven manufacturer Sunseed Co., which shares a similar commitment to developing scientifically formulated species-specific products.  Today, the combined Vitakraft Sunseed company continues to be a worldwide leader in setting standards of quality and excellence for the pet product industry.